Our flagship, this naturally hazy beauty is refreshing and highly crushable. We brew it with raw wheat to give it the uniquely smooth and silky mouthfeel it's known for. Yup, it's got the traditional Belgian witbier spices like Seville orange and coriander, but we also shoehorned in our own unique blend of key lime zest and elderflower. It makes for a wonderfully complex flavour that is still remarkably light. You ain't never tasted a wit like this before, friend!  



Amber can.png



This Belgian-style pale ale is brewed with Hawberries and oats, giving it a subtle, juicy tartness. The nish is dry, with Saaz hops lending a slight spice. With its beautiful amber hue, this beer was brewed with autumn in mind but is crushable any time of year


Seasonal Brews

We brew Belgian-inspired beers of all stripes. Find them at some of the best restaurants and bars around Ontario.


HOPS - Spring

Sometimes circumstance dictates the direction your life takes, and this Belgian-style IPA is an example of how that often works out for the best.

Hops come in 11 pound bags, so when we decided we wanted Citra, Mosaic and Cascade in this beer we knew we were going to use 33 pounds, even though this batch was extra small. Some would say using such an enormous amount of hops was poor planning, others would call it crazy. Whatever! The result is a fantastic brew with beautiful tropical and stone fruit character, balanced by the spicy flavours of our house yeast. Many people tell us it should join our White at the top of the Black Bellows pantheon. 


BROWN - Winter

This Belgian-style brown ale promises to warm you during the cold and dark months. It’s a perfect beer for your apres-ski, your apres-spa, or your apres-anything! 

Its deep chestnut colour is derived from our use of special Belgian dark caramel and roasted malts. They create an intriguing backbone reminiscent of dark fruits, which complements the funky flavours and dry finish delivered by our house yeast. Serve it in a tulip glass and get cozy!


Strong Golden ale - one-off

We got together with our buds at Northwinds Brewhouse in Collingwood to create this wonderfully-juicy and deceptively-strong brew. Brewed with our house yeast, the 8% ABV is barely noticeable - instead you pull in the apricot fruit esters and the spice from the Saaz hops. Tres good.